Nonduality, Advaita. The end of suffering.



Astrology just tells a story about the person...

It depends on what kind of astrology. To begin with, the sun-sign astrology that most people know nowadays is a limited, distorted, and often banalized, version of the traditional astrology that has been practiced for millennia. So, most people are clueless about the various branches of astrology and what real astrology is or can do.

As for it “just” telling a story it depends on who is using it. Like any system of thought it can be used to promote ignorance or knowledge.

If you need your car repaired you take to a professional who knows the car parts and systems and how they operate. The mechanic has studied and read diagrams of the car. So that you can drive it comfortably and safely. The mechanic does not tell a story about the car. He knows the car inside and out. As doctors, lawyers, engineers, priests, teachers and artists know their craft.

A story is fiction. Real astrology is not about story, it is a diagram of the human personality and its connection  to what is beyond the personality. If we want to heal the psyche real astrology can be very helpful. Not story telling about how wonderful we are, but an accurate description of what is going on. It helps seeing things as they are.

Somehow, there is this notion among some seekers that healing is not necessary. Well, if trauma remains unseen and certain karma unpaid the peace of Realization does not stick. There is no way around that. Awakening is not the end, for most. It is the beginning of the end. The psyche needs be healthy for that which was “discovered” in awakening to shine through. For the Moon (personality) to reflect the light from the Sun (Spirit).

So, if you want to tell stories or you know astrologers who like to spin stories, you can use astrology to do that. If you want to understand the human psyche and its proclivities — both those that support and those that obstruct enlightenment, you can do that too, by using proper astrology.

Also, as a curiosity, through Traditional Astrology it is possible to predict spiritual events such as  awakening and spiritual realization and/or determine what the obstacles are. As far as cause-and-effect is concerned they are events like any other, thus predictable using the appropriate metaphysical tool.

Nonduality, Advaita. The end of suffering.