Nonduality, Advaita. The end of suffering.



Mr. X says he woke up and is now awake. But you said nobody wakes up.

Maybe it is a question of language and semantics, maybe not. I have no way to tell. So, you have to figure out by yourself where he is coming from. Ask him to explain what he means, that is what teachers are there for.

What I can offer you is to speak from my experience.

In my way of speaking about awakening, I am unable to utter the words “I woke up”. It simply is not true.

I never was asleep and I never woke up. And I know for a fact that that is the same for You, and for Mr. X for that matter. You are not the body, you are not the personality. The body and personality do sleep and wake up. You do not. Reflect on this.

In my experience, there was an event that could be called awakening. That event revealed, among other facets, that no one awakens. A misunderstanding about what we call “I” or “self” is exposed and what is left is Things as They Really Are.

The person imagines he/she will awaken. Awakening occurs, destroys that imagination, and nothing takes its place.

Spiritually speaking, “I” or “being awake” are completely meaningless concepts in my experience now. They are irrelevant to Things as They Really Are.

The main reason I speak about these things is because such awakening heralds the end of suffering and the end of seeking. So, I think it is a worthwhile subject to talk about, considering that I suffered for forty-some years and some people did help me to clarify where my vision was blurred and open the door to awakening.

A person does not awaken or gets enlightened. Awakening or enlightenment happens “to” a person. And what is revealed is beyond the person, yet ever present.

Nonduality, Advaita. The end of suffering.