Caused or Uncaused?

It is said that nothing can cause Spiritual Realization. That it is effortless. Can you comment?

What is effortless is Pure Consciousness. That is realized to be our Nature upon the event of enlightenment or awakening for the simple reason that it is all there is. Awakening is an event that reveals that something we believed existed really does not exist except as a specific form of imagination. Pure Consciousness remains as is.

There is no entity creating Pure Consciousness. Neither is it “transmitted” by the guru. It is, and it is all there is in reality. It then manifests as mind and then the law of cause-and-effect begins to operate.

Therefore the event of awakening or the event of the final Spiritual Realization, which may come later, are definitely caused. They are events that happen as a result of other events that came before. 

They are caused by a multitude of factors both within the realm of personal choice and outside it.