Nonduality, Advaita. The end of suffering.



It seems that Enlightenment produces clarity about life...

Clarity is one of the manifested dimensions of the Natural State. Clarity is Truth. Enlightenment probably would not be called Enlightenment if it weren’t.

But once awakening or enlightenment happens a new process usually begins in the personality. It is rare that enlightenment happens and we are free from suffering out of the bat. A process of elimination, healing and re-education is necessary.

Although mental clarity and eloquence are not synonymous with Enlightenment, clarity of thoughts is an asset in the processes before and after Enlightenment.

Until final realization happens...

The concept of final realization keeps the seeker seeking and tied to time, instead of inviting looking into the present for what matters. It is a mental cul-de-sac. It does not promote clarity at all.

You cannot think of final realization, or think you are a seeker, and perform Inquiry at the same time. You either feed the seeking by thinking “you are not there” and “will realize one day” or you turn your attention to Our Real Nature right now.

If that becomes impossible then we have to backtrack and look at the ego more closely because certain things are still unconscious. 

The ego has its own idea of what Spiritual Realization is and it is built based on its fears. So, it projects it into the event or state of Enlightenment or Realization. It is all a projection, imagination. So, we have to understand our imaginary fears. There is no shortcut.

Or we simply let go of the whole thing...

Well, that would be a shortcut! The question remains: can you do that by choice and will? And I am not suggesting that anyone should go and practice developing will. Lasting liberation comes though quite the opposite.

If letting go happens, great! Let’s go and have a party instead of talking about this stuff… If that does not happen, looking and scrutinizing the mind can be very effective. The mind is equipped to undo its own self-undoing.

Some thoughts feed the ego, others are neutral, others assist the Inquiry and investigation. Some degree of discrimination must be present to discern. That is when mental clarity is useful and needed.

Nonduality, Advaita. The end of suffering.