In order to improve communication I would like to offer my definition of a few terms that I use when discussing spirituality, metaphysics and psychology.

Pure Consciousness

Everything and Nothing. The potential of everything as well as the manifestation of everything. Pure Consciousness has no subject or object so we cannot say: “I am conscious of…” from this perspective. Also referred to as Impersonal Consciousness, Awareness, Presence, Being, etc.

Glimpse of Truth

The first time there is a deep enough realization of our True Nature and a simultaneous realization of the True Nature of the world. That is: All is Consciousness. Deep enough to change the character of the spiritual work. (Referred to as enlightenment or awakening in certain traditions.)

Spiritual Realization

The final Removal of Ignorance of Self, leading to stabilization of Total Acceptance and Tranquility. The absence of restlessness and seeking. Nothing is Wrong Anymore. The belief and feeling that “I” am going somewhere spiritually become absent for good as the sense of separation has been obliterated. Unnecessary suffering, or psychological suffering, becomes absent.

Sense of Separation

The attachment to, or involvement with, the entity that goes by our name, and the personal feeling of being separate from the rest of the universe, and the feeling of vulnerability that it generates. The sense of separation is the root of psychological suffering.

Psychological Suffering

Suffering that is created based solely on wrong ideas and wrong identification. Suffering created through false personality. If the wrong ideas are recognized and neutralized, and the identification is corrected psychological suffering becomes absent.

False Personality

The part of our personalities that is structured to reinforce the sense of separation and the attachment to it. It is built of a network of false ideas and negative emotions which also manifest through the body in postures, movements and physiological imbalances. (Referred to as ego in general spiritual jargon.) False personality’s core is fear based on an imaginary picture of self.


The process a seeker goes through in the preparatory period of spiritual work whereby the personality is re-educated, observed, and controlled. During this period the seeker does not know what he/she is seeking. Or has a vague intuition about it but which is covered by a series of temporary concepts and beliefs.


The process a seeker goes through in the final period of spiritual work whereby the personality is stripped of unnecessary concepts, beliefs, and functions. This period begins with the Glimpse of Truth. In this period the seeker has clear intuitive knowledge, based on direct experience, of what he/she is seeking.


The effort or action of investigating the True Nature of “I”, or questioning the veracity of “I”. Prior to the Glimpse of Truth this action may lead to the Glimpse of Truth. After the Glimpse of Truth this action has the function of re-establishing the Truth glimpsed and of contributing to the further elimination of the unnecessary from the seeker’s personality.

I Am

Space and the sense of existing prior to having a name, a personality or a body. It is the seed of the manifestation or experience. It is the Natural State manifested in sentient form. Now.


Pure Consciousness. As the unmanifested it is Pure Potential and Nothing. As the manifested it is the entirety of the universe, including our bodies, personalities and the sense of “I Am”, including the ego and the sense of separation.

Spirit or Essential Nature is realized when the sense of separation is removed. Our Essential Nature is not something special, it is natural and normal. Now.