Eternal Life

Do we create a soul and achieve eternal life?

I have two things to say about that idea, while attempting not to offend someone.

First: there already is a soul, just like there is a body. The body enables the experience of life day by day in the physical realm. The soul enables the same, lifetime by lifetime alternating between the physical and the Astral, which is a metaphysical realm. Later on, only metaphysical.

Second: Spiritual Realization, or the realization of, and living as Who We Are, has nothing to do with the body, nor the soul, nor “you” of any kind. It has nothing to do with either physics or metaphysics. And it is not meant to be achieved after traversing metaphysical realms; it is available now.

To Spirit the notions of birth or death are of no consequence at all. There have been many and there may be a few more. There is no one to care.

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