Glimpse and the Path

I heard someone say that the Glimpse is the beginning of the path and that there is work to be done after the Glimpse.

It depends on scale. The path really began when Consciousness decided to play the “fragment” game and then the fragment felt like going back to the source. A large part of that path is traversed unconsciously.

From the scale of a soul in evolution, to which scale our present personality is embedded in, the path began many lifetimes ago. When suffering became so excessive that there was no other solution than to engage in introspection. Life after life. Many cycles.

Some sages now do not know or do not remember this. They think Grace just shows up out of the blue. No, the soul matures in time so that one day, or one lifetime, the personality is able to align itself with truth and live in peace. Without that maturity peace is not possible.

As for the path in this one lifetime, it begins at different points depending on the soul maturity and the personality’s psychic development. Tarot, which is an ancient esoteric system outlines the path rather clearly and accurately. If you want you can read some articles on my site.

For many people, the path begins with self-observation and education of personality to control excessive unruly traits. Without which the personality is too negative or wild. Once there is some psychic strength the Glimpse can occur and have favorable results. If the personality is not stable enough the Glimpse can occur and people go mad or the work becomes gravely distorted. 

The favorable result is that the work continues but in a new direction and from a different perspective. It becomes the way of denial or elimination. We are no longer after getting something, which was the case before the Glimpse.

For an extremely rare number of very old souls the Glimpse is also the end of the path for them. Rare, but there seems to be evidence that that can happen.

I have had the Glimpse and now work on false personality is required for final realization.

Very well, that is the case for many of us. It was so for me. But be cautious. False personality has its own idea of final realization. Those who have a chief feature of arrogance or self-deprecation have to be particularly cautious around the desire for final realization because the basis of those features is that we are imperfect and wanting or inadequate. In that case false personality wants final realization because it imagines it will feel adequate and no longer judged.

If the basics have been taken care of, the desire for final realization is exactly the last residue of ego to go. You are fine. False personality and all. There is nothing wrong. Be at peace. That is the final realization.