Nonduality, Advaita. The end of suffering.


How can you know?

How can you know that the enlightenment you are talking about is not just imagination?

In the dream there appears the notion of a person who is lost and in search of truth, love, and beauty. That person feels suffering and wants release from it. That release is associated with enlightenment, god, the philosopher’s stone, or an actual stone, angels, ascended masters, tao, 88 virgins, paradise, whatever.

Once the dream is seen through the notion of spirituality itself becomes irrelevant. It is no longer an issue. It is no longer a pursuit. All there is is consciousness, presence, awareness, tao, whatever. And in this field of existence, there are dreams of all kinds. There is the murder dream, the fame dream, the happiness dream, the victimhood dream, the power dream, the fear dream, and the enlightenment dream.

Enlightenment is no longer an issue in the Felipe dream. No one becomes free from the dream. That very notion is part of the dream. All there is is presence. There is no one to care about a better dream. And the all too common “non-dual” dream of finding peace by leaving the dream no longer exists. What is now is enough and just right without the tiniest exception.

The unenlightened perspective is nothing but an emotionally charged misunderstanding; an assumption. It is assumed that “I” will be enlightened one day, and that that guy, be it Buddha or Joe, is enlightened and is the real thing. This is part of the seeking dream. Like all dreams, it has to end. In fact, it ends various times during the day for the seeker due to shifts in the focus of attention and radically at night in deep sleep. Then it resumes. In the “enlightened” perspective the coming and going of self-concern and selflessness, or the whole, no longer resumes. And with this, a particular kind of psychological suffering ceases as well.

Spirit is pure simplicity. If the Natural State was complicated, special, or distant it would not be called the Natural State. It is natural because the artifice of self-separation has vanished and absolutely nothing takes its place. It is not natural because of the many descriptions and hopes associated with it.

The Natural State is the normal state of human beings.

Nonduality, Advaita. The end of suffering.