No World and Nothing Ever Happened

I read that in spiritual realization "the world disappears and nothing ever happened." Can you comment?

A glimpse deep enough of Who we Are will provide that information or impression. It reveals the Essence of What Is. Hopefully, it also reveals that that has nothing to do with “you getting it” or ” you going back to it”.

The Natural State is unmanifested. There is no world, and there is no “I”, there is nothing. There is only creative potential or potential energy brimming with life itself. And We Are That. Now. Nothingness.

If there is nothing and no “I”, it goes without saying that there is no time, so nothing happened, nothing is happening now and nothing will ever happen. That is why it is called unmanifested.

When consciousness of the world arises along with the sense “I am” something happens and that means that the Natural State is manifested. And We Are That. Everything. This happens every time we are out of deep sleep. But the unmanifested did not just go away. It is still unmanifested and we are still that. There is no division or separation between the manifested and unmanifested.

That is the case whether that is realized or not. It is not a special state that “you get” when realization occurs.

This is not understandable conceptually. It is an eternal conundrum. It is futile to try to grasp it. So pointers are offered to remove the obstruction to seeing things as they are, which reveals We as we Are. That is all that can be done and that is the focus of the mature, practically oriented seeker.

Nothing Wrong Anymore - non-duality Advaita pointers