Nothing Wrong

There are lots of things that I think are wrong and that should be changed. Both with me and with the world...

On the relative, functional, level yes. Things can always be improved so that we live in more harmony and more comfortably. Our character changes, we can learn to behave better, to uplift, create beauty and harmony, love, take care of the body, make money, give help, etc. 

Plus, we live on a planet dominated by a very immature species that is heavily engaged in creating pain for itself so, we cannot really expect perfection here for many different reasons.

On the level of our Being however there is nothing wrong and there is nothing that could be changed. The presence of the belief in an “enlightenable me”, along with suffering, is what causes the seeking to begin. 

The essence of our being is changelessness. Yet its manifested nature is wisdom, love, and beauty. If there is a doubt about that then we have a case of misplaced self-identity attended by a network of false beliefs; and along with that, suffering. 

That misplaced identity is the modus operandi of most of humanity, even the most educated and intelligent people. Spiritual work exists for the purpose of correcting that misplacement.

How do we correct that misplacement of identity?

By doubting what we were told we are and by being curious about what we really are. It is then naturally corrected by the realization of our Essential Nature and that the peace we had been seeking is with What We Are. Those are revealed when the false is recognized as false. 

There is nothing missing. Spiritually, nothing must or can be added. It is the other way around: a misunderstanding is removed from the mind. While peace and acceptance of the reality that is present in our lives now remain, regardless of any pain, difficulties, disappointments, limitations or sadness that may be present. Nothing is wrong or out of place.