Nonduality, Advaita. The end of suffering.



Can't the ego learn to behave in a healthy way?

Certainly. Thankfully.

When we see clearly that we are not the image we have been programmed to believe we are, and see the body for what it really is – a present perception or experience, the personality naturally and spontaneously begins to operate in a healthier way, to the degree that false beliefs are eliminated and no longer followed. For the simple reason that certain stimuli are removed, therefore certain responses are also removed.

Focus on recognizing what is false and eliminating what is useless and everything else will fall into place gracefully.

However, don’t expect perfection. The notion that we will become as sweet as honey, or masters of our thoughts and emotions; or become like Buddha, or whoever we have elevated to a spiritual pedestal, may be inspiring but ultimately it is spiritually misguided. A certain number of people may actually behave like Mother Teresa, because that is what their souls and personalities are attuned to. For others, this is simply not the case.

Each personality is uniquely programmed in terms of traits and depth. Moreover, each soul is unique and has its own focus, traits, history, and age, shaped through many, many physical lives. Even though what unites us all is One, each individual manifests Spiritual Realization differently.

Buddha was the incarnation of a soul so ancient that it is unfathomable to us what it means in terms of manifestation. “His” conscious manifestation goes far beyond the physical realm. If we were to meet him, we would perceive a mere fraction of his being.

For some people, certain traits are completely eradicated. For others, they are perceived as passing clouds. The Peace of Total Acceptance arising from the Natural State means total acceptance of the experience in this moment. No projection and no perfection. It is the uneducated ego that was programmed to expect perfection.

Nonduality, Advaita. The end of suffering.