Nonduality, Advaita. The end of suffering.



Spiritual Realization does not bring about specialness into one's life. It brings about normalcy.

Through meditation on objects, we learn. Through meditation on action, we change. Through meditation on non-action, we accept. Through meditation on subject, we know our True Nature.

We are self-evident; with a penchant for wearing and admiring masks.

We are not enlightened. We are the light. And we are the darkness too. We are everything. And nothing too. The simplicity of what we are is indescribable and that is why it cannot be understood. Understanding requires two and we are not two. That can only be Realized.

At some point on our paths we say that there is no choice, all happens. That thought is a side-effect from the Glimpse of Truth. But it is not accurate as it is an expression of the sense of separation after the fact. There is choice. All happens, including choice.

Choice is one of the cogs in the mechanism of the law of cause and effect, or law of karma.

Concepts are not the truth. However, some concepts reflect the Truth and some concepts lead further into falseness, especially those surrounding the concept "I".

The road to hell is paved with intentions.

Pure Consciousness is not an achievement of presence; it is Realized to be never absent.

"School" is the desire to know and the ability to listen. Not a mysterious thing hidden in closed groups or secret societies.

When the thought "I am present" arises we already are on the highway to hell. Heaven is a state of being where there is an absence. The sense of separation is not there. Therefore no one is present; there is only Silent Presence.

The inability to forgive doubles the suffering.

Understanding the impersonal nature of emotional pain enables its transcendence. True forgiveness. We move on from past trauma. A necessary step into freedom from unnecessary suffering.

Guilt is an alarm. From there the road forks. To the left: pointless self-flagellation. To the right, conscience and right action. Above: no one. Who is the judge, then?

The person is one of the many objects that appear in, and arises out of, the Consciousness that We Are.

The false sense of self produces defensiveness. It is based on fear of "me" being harmed. If the sense of self is Consciousness no harm is possible. And thus fear is absent.

The verb to be is the most used, and the least understood.

The sense of separation is the root of psychological suffering. The root of psychological suffering is not lack of money, time, friends, attention, coffee, sex, experiences, eternal life or anything else.

We are not conscious. We are Consciousness.

Becoming conscious is not the end of the path; it is the beginning of the end. The end of the path is losing what we once believed we had become.

The manifestation is the tree. "I Am" is the seed. Spirit is the ground that sustains and absorbs them.

The reason the human species as a society is in the sorry state it is in now rests solely on the ground of self-ignorance. For the simple reason that we are Everything. And if we know in the depth of our being that we are Everything we will never harm anything, never waste anything and never abuse anything. We will be indeed good-householders of life and of this planet. Someone who realized Truth of Self is a good-householder of the universe.

On the spiritual path there is a time to be exhorted to harness our inner power. And then there is a time for the realization that we have no power at all and rest as the peace of that Powerlessness. Total Acceptance.

The happiness arising from the non-compulsion to satisfy desires is of a different character to the happiness arising from satisfying desires.

There is no self in Self-Realization.

If the Self is the Ocean of Consciousness, Being or "I Am" is the water or substance; and everything we can perceive, think or talk about are the waves, including the perceiving apparatus.

The person imagines he/she will awaken. Awakening takes place, destroys that imagination and nothing takes its place.

This personality and body, which are taken so seriously and protected at all costs, are like clouds. They are formed and dissolve. The fuss made about their integrity is synonym of psychological suffering.

A person does not awaken or becomes enlightened. Awakening or enlightenment happens “to” a person. And what is revealed is beyond or transcendent of the person, yet ever present.

The ego does not need to die or be eliminated. The ego needs understanding, compassion and education.

Enlightenment does not solve money, health or relationship problems; and they do not just vanish as if by magic. Seeking a spiritual solution to non-spiritual problems indicates a basic misunderstanding about what kind of suffering subsides upon Enlightenment. The ego still needs education. Perfection is a fantasy. This is a subtle point that, if resolved, may put an end to seeking and reveal that There is Nothing Wrong.

What we were seeking turns out not to be what we thought we were seeking.

The thought "I have consciousness" or "my consciousness" is the ultimate expression of ignorance.

"I am, therefore I am." The beginning and the end of all philosophies.

Seeking union precludes the celebration of Unity. Seeking understanding precludes the celebration of Truth. Seeking something precludes the celebration of Nothingness.

Silence is the best teaching. The second best is Attention. The third best simply states that We Are That. The fourth best states that we are not what we think we are, and the fifth best describes the psyche objectively.

What is on your plate now and always, is the Self. Seek to be some other self or be in some other state than This, and we are in the trouble of separation. We are caught in Maya.