Some say reincarnation does not exist.

As far as Spiritual Realization is concerned the concept of reincarnation is irrelevant. This life supplies enough of everything to point the way. But if we have a passion for study and knowledge and want to understand the manifestation of sentient life forms then it is very relevant.

There is plenty of evidence for reincarnation, soul age and soul evolution to the keen observer. If we have the correct knowledge we may then observe and see that the patterns are congruent.

However, the fact that most people live mostly in their intellect, with little or no connection to intuition, and no access to memory, usually makes discussions on this subject merely theoretical and without foundation on facts.

What does not exist is reincarnation for the imaginary picture of ourselves. Rarely people stop to question what incarnates when discussing the subject.

The belief or disbelief in reincarnation is pretty much always based on the reincarnation of “me”. Just like we may seek freedom for “me” or eternal life for “me”. On that account reincarnation must remain a belief or a theory by force, as the quality of being that is usually ascribed to “me” is basically false.

“Me” does not become free, achieve eternal life, or incarnate or reincarnate. “Me” IS the experience of incarnation.

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