Nonduality, Advaita. The end of suffering.



I feel restless most of the time...

If restlessness persists it means that the ego, or false personality, has not been full seen and acknowledged. One part of the psyche wants enlightenment, another part wants to hide and keep suffering.

In other words, one is taking certain mental-emotional patterns as “I” and “identifying” with it. And thus those parts of the ego keep being unconsciously justified in our thoughts based solely on some subtle fear that remains active and unknown.

The pattens of fear have been know for millennia. Here is a list. Find yours. We cannot bypass psychology because it is the psychology that expresses the wisdom and the love. If the psych is encumbered by fear it cannot express them.

That persistent restlessness, and therefore a feeling that there is something wrong that must be fixed or that there is some state that must be attained, can occur even after awakening or enlightenment.

The idea is not getting rid of fear but simply recognizing it for what it is and see whether the fear is justified or not. The fear in the ego is based on imagination. Once that is seen the identification dissolves.

There cannot be spiritual realization util all the stones are turned so, introspection and analysis can be used to scrutinize the personality and determine what is true and what is false in its operation.

So we accept it totally?

The awareness of things as they are or seeing the false as false, and the fearlessness and compassion that arises, produce acceptance naturally. We do not need to, or can, accept via intention and efforts. Looking from the correct angle is enough. The wisdom of awareness does everything that needs to be done while revealing that all happens spontaneously.

Nonduality, Advaita. The end of suffering.