Nonduality, Advaita. The end of suffering.



Science has not understood consciousness yet, but they are getting there...

Science will understand the dimensions of consciousness, explore and expand it and create incredible things and experiences. That is god’s job and science is one of its playgrounds.

Science will never understand True Consciousness. Not because science is somehow faulty, or because of a lack of intention or ability from science-inclined individuals but because it simply does not apply; it is apple and oranges. 

Measurement, understanding, and creation are games that god, or the mind, likes to play. It has no causal connection to spirituality, in my definition. Non-duality has as much connection with science as it has with anything else.

Conceptually, yes, we can weave as many stories as we like. It is entertaining and can be pleasant. I read somewhere about an event or entity called “non-duality and science”. We also can have non-duality and cars, non-duality and space travel, non-duality and art, or non-duality and bird-watching. Like clubs where people gather and have fun.

In my definition, spirituality is the pursuit of the realization of our True nature. Creation, from toys, and time, to galaxies, evolution, or understanding has nothing to do with Spirituality. Presence does. And presence is Absolute Emptiness — of the kind that no science can fathom.

As for the meaning of spirituality as a pursuit, discussion, or action, the only thing that matters is the cessation of unnecessary suffering, as far as I am concerned. The rest is entertainment. Let the scientists and intellectuals have their fun.

It is the same for Bhakti people. Replace science with religion. The phenomenon is similar. Instead of understanding it is union they seek. Whether we put an idea or a saint on a pedestal is a matter of personal proclivity.

Seeking union precludes the celebration of Unity. Seeking understanding precludes the celebration of Truth. Seeking something precludes the celebration of Nothingness.

What’s wrong with right now?

Nonduality, Advaita. The end of suffering.