What is Self-remembering?

In my view, Self-remembering is the final pursuit on a spiritual path because it is the natural movement of the mind towards the Knowledge of Consciousness as Self. It is the same as Self-Inquiry, in the final stages of the path. In Tarot, it is depicted on the card: The Judgement.

As long as there is a felt necessity to do something for spiritual realization that action of remembering or inquiring into the Self can be effective no matter how that action is named. Its efficacy depends largely on our understanding of the personality and the obstacles it may present.

The term “remembering”, although far from being literally true is apt as a pointer because it implies that the Self already “is”. Only an adjustment to the angle of perception or flow of attention is needed to put an end to the sense of separation. If that happens there is no more remembering needed as it becomes irrevocably clear that there is no self to be remembered at all, only Pure Consciousness; and We Are That. Now.

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