You seem to make Spiritual Realization a simple thing. While seekers suffer endlessly about it and there is only a handful of people who Realized it.

I am sorry about the suffering. I really sympathize. I spent forty years in painful seeking myself. And things did not get better after the first Glimpse, in fact, in some ways the pain got worse. Once the revelation takes place, and it does not “stick”, there is a memory of what it implies for the person, that is, total peace. 

But then it seemed inaccessible and that added to the suffering. And the reason for the pain was very simple: the belief I was a separate entity was not seen clearly enough under day-to-day circumstances. The justifications for that limited sense of self were not subject to the light of awareness and acceptance with enough intensity.

Spiritual Realization is simple. Extremely simple. That is why it refers to what is called the Natural State. It is the natural state of everything in the universe. So, obviously, it is the Natural State of every human being. It is a state of utmost normalcy and spiritual health.

But humans have a particular creative trait that enables us to create our own prison, and we do so with abandon; day after unexamined day, life after life. It is in the mind. And because the mind created it, it is perfectly capable of assisting in its dissolution. The key is not mysterious or hidden.