Nonduality, Advaita. The end of suffering.


Spirituality, Metaphysics and Psychology

These are my definitions:

Spirituality is the pursuit of Spirit or the Natural State. Through the realization of Spirit or the Natural State ignorance ends and suffering ends. The Natural State does not evolve or change but is the source of all change and is the source of unchanging inner peace.

Metaphysics is the study and experience of the multiple realities the human mind is able to experience. There are many levels within metaphysics. The soul is a metaphysical body and is the vehicle of experience and expression within both the metaphysical manifestation and the physical manifestation when a physical body is created. The soul evolves and changes thus it is said that the soul’s goal is experiencing, learning, creation, and evolution.

Psychology is the study of the human mind and its components and functioning. That includes all of its legitimate functions. For the purpose of Spiritual psychological work the part of the mind that requires special attention is lying, wrong ideas,  wrong beliefs, and negative emotions stemming from those.

It is not an absolute rule but usually, the spiritual seeker gets interested in and becomes actively involved in metaphysics on the path of spirituality.

Once the seeker experiences the pleasures and power of metaphysical realities while on the physical plane it is often the case that the seeker will desire to go back “there” after he/she comes down from the high. Around that experience, the belief often arises and is often preached that Spiritual Realization is equal to metaphysical experience and is to be found “there”. This can become a major false belief a seeker experiences on the path which is directly dependent on one’s image of oneself.

It may also happen that a genuine insight into the Natural State is later deemed to be a metaphysical experience that is “there” and thus is something the “I” can achieve. That is another false belief that is also directly dependent on one’s image of oneself.

The realization of Spirit implies the obliteration of the image of self and of the false beliefs it produces.

Nonduality, Advaita. The end of suffering.