Tarot of Marseilles is a system of psychological delineation that describes the path essence/soul takes on the physical plane.

It is also a method of direct communication with spirit guides for the purpose of obtaining specific information.

Systems of symbolism can convey much in one blow. The purpose of obtaining psychological information is, in simple terms, to make the unconscious aspects of the psyche conscious. Therefore it is a tool in the service of increasing clarity and expanding awareness and understanding the root of suffering.

Tarot’s 22 cards in the Major Arcana is a map of the spiritual path from beginning to end. It shows all of the forces that come into play, all of the strengths and all of the pitfalls. It shows all of the duality in relevant detail and points at our Non-Dual Nature or Natural State.

The remaining 56 cards of the Minor Arcana depict every possible psychological pattern and state a human being can experience.

Personally, I appreciate the aesthetics of certain systems of thought. I like Tarot of Marseilles for its beauty, simplicity, congruence and wholeness. There is nothing fragmented about it; there are no missing parts. Tarot is not “fragments of an unknown teaching”, it is the whole teaching, as far as the path to Spiritual Realization and psychological delineation are concerned.

The traditional Marseilles deck is a whole system that has suffered no significant distortions over centuries, remarkably.

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