Nonduality, Advaita. The end of suffering.


The Basics

Care for the body and for physical needs. Or else it may be difficult to discern between real and imaginary suffering.

Be creative and materialize that creativity. That includes finding solutions to problems. Or else one may become susceptible to depression and rejection of life.

Find tools and methods to uncover and process past trauma. That includes discernment and awareness of trauma in those you share your life with as they will influence you. Interact with sane and sensitive people and expose your inner life to them as that will provide perspective and support.

Obtain and use correct knowledge about the workings of the psyche. Tap into the mind’s potential to uncover what is false and its potential to turn attention to What is True. For unclear knowledge or excessive theory or excessive belief keep the mind spinning in circles with no resolution to the deepest questions.

Observe it all without judgement or expectation and do not demand perfection, for demanding perfection is a misuse of the intellect. And if there is judgement or expectation observe the judgement and the expectation.

At the times when suffering lifts, give freely to yourself and others, for that is the natural and rightful work of the mind, heart and body, but primarily the heart. Again, without expectation. And if there is expectation observe it.

The rest will take care of itself. And one may find that there is Nothing Wrong and the Freedom one seeks is Realized pervading one’s daily living.

Nonduality, Advaita. The end of suffering.