The Dream

Do we wake up to the dream or from the dream?


It is assumed that there is an entity that can awaken either to or from the dream.

There isn’t such an entity. It is an unexamined assumption.

That is what should be meditated on to remove the spiritual thorn the seeker carries stuck in his/her mind.

There is an awakening. The awakening reveals in no uncertain terms that there is no one who awakens or is awake.

We are Consciousness. Consciousness is not conscious “of” anything. Neither are “we” inside Consciousness. 

There is no subject experiencing the dream and there is no actual subject in the dream except as a mental construct and the experience of the senses.

Subject-object relationships ARE the dream. So the notion of an “I” who supposedly awakens to or from the dream is part of the dream and is of no relevance except in the dream.

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