The End of Suffering

Freedom from suffering is not equal to a safe guarantee that suffering will never arise again. Even after Spiritual Realization. 

The personality is conditioned. It contains energy and has its own momentum. It may take some time for it to completely unwind the traits related to psychological suffering. Suffering that used to stay for hours, lasts seconds, until it simply does not bother any longer and stops arising in that form. This process is different and takes different amounts of time for different people.

During this period, the desire for perfection in experienceeven if the perfection envisioned is total freedom from suffering, is not only irrelevant but can become an obstacle.

That idealism keeps the seeking active in the latest stages of spiritual work, or even after realization, until the unwinding of residual suffering has come to rest. A subtle dissatisfaction with the present experience and the desire that “I become completely free from suffering”. Subtle, but powerful enough to perpetuate a fading image of a “suffering me” who must be free.

Realization removes the central stimulus for suffering so the personality and the body relax and become re-programmed to a degree. It becomes aligned with the expression of peace, love and beauty, in whatever form our essence is geared to.

Is that your experience all the time?

My experience all the time is whatever comes up at any time, just like yours and everybody else’s, including Buddha’s and Donald Trump’s. There is no one in charge and no one watching and no one free or bound. The previous attachment that prolonged and dramatized pain or suffering no longer arises so they pass like clouds.

The desire for experience to be different than what it is, is absent, therefore there is no seeking, no dissatisfaction, and nothing is wrong. Unnecessary suffering is absent. All is normal and natural therefore there is unwavering Tranquility.

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