Nonduality, Advaita. The end of suffering.


The Path

Are you saying you arrived at the end of the spiritual path?

There was a chapter in this story called “a path” but there was no one traversing it. That is not an analogy. It is literal.

In my definition, Spiritual Realization is the removal of the false belief in the existence of a separate entity called “I” who would have left the Source and would get somewhere and find happiness.

The Happiness sought can be found. But not in the way we imagined. We Are It. It is Simplicity, Normalcy and Tranquility. The same simplicity present in a three-year old child.

The removal of the sense of separation is what is meant by the saying that “to enter the kingdom of heaven we have to become like a little child”.

However, the psyche continues learning, unlearning, adapting, desiring, creating, etc, both in physical form and beyond. That is in the very nature of human consciousness so there is a path of what could be called evolution, in time.

Some people refer to the path of evolution as the spiritual path. I do not. The experience of individuality elicits that concept for the purpose of describing the perception of time and movement — going from here to there, aims, achievement. And while the experience of time is built into spiritual seeking, spiritual realization is transcendent of time, aims or achievement.

What we were seeking turns out not to be what we thought we were seeking.

Nonduality, Advaita. The end of suffering.