The Path

Are you saying you arrived at the end of the spiritual path?

No. I never left the Source to begin with. Neither did you. Nobody ever does. We are an immature, naïve, and ignorant species.

Like most of humanity, I was confused and under false assumptions about What I Am; for forty years.

I am no longer confused. There was a chapter in this story called “a path” but there was no one traversing it. That is not an analogy. It is literal. And that is all there is to this.

Spiritual Realization is the removal of the false belief in the existence of, and identification with, a separate entity called “I” who would have left the Source and would get somewhere and find happiness.

Humanity has been duped through its own creative power.

We definitely do find the Happiness sought. But not in the way we imagined. We Are It. It is Simplicity, Normalcy and Tranquility. The same simplicity present in a three-year old child.

Nothing Wrong Anymore - non-duality Advaita pointers