Nonduality, Advaita. The end of suffering.


The Sky and the Clouds

It seems that all you are saying is simply conceptual. It makes no difference if I think of myself as consciousness or not. The suffering remains.

I am sorry about the suffering. I have gone through that and I know exactly what you are describing.

It certainly is all conceptual. But the concepts are pointing beyond the conceptual in a gamble that our sight may turn that way.

Thinking is not all equal. Some thinking supports the ego’s sense of separation. Some thinking invites Truth and is a reflection of truth.

The ego was conditioned to think we are the body and the personality. That is a deeply built-in assumption that most people never question. And, along with a heavy emotional charge, it supports the ego’s sense of separation.

What I am doing here is offering concepts to spur questioning of those deep untruths we carry in our psyche.

As for thinking making a difference or not, that it totally out of my and your hands. In fact, understanding that it is out of our hands can already have a significant impact on the degree of suffering experienced. It may in fact, eliminate the suffering because individual powerlessness is in itself a facet of Truth. And Truth sets us free.

John Wheeler told me that I am the Sky and that the personality, the body and the ego are clouds. That had a role to play in the Awakening that took place shortly after. And the Truth pointed at remains the source of peace in my daily life now.

Nonduality, Advaita. The end of suffering.