Nonduality, Advaita. The end of suffering.


To Do or Not to Do

Some teachers say that there is nothing to be done...

There is a teacher and a teaching for every stage of the path. And what is said to one person in one moment, may not fit another. 

Plus, it is possible that some people start teaching too soon after they experienced awakening and still have not descended from the clouds and realized how much still need to be done in their re-education.

If there is a doubt about something needing to be done or not, then obviously there is something to be done because seeking is active.

So the pointer is given about  the “doer”, not the doing. Where is the doer? A simple question to invite introspection. Where does the doing arise from? Period. Nothing more than that. 

Performing introspection is “doing something”. Not performing introspection is doing something else. There is no shortage of doing. But where is the doer? 

If the realization that there is no separate doer arises that is a blessing, because in the reality of Pure Consciousness unnecessary suffering is absent.

Take guilt for example. Feeling remorse for misbehaving is healthy. That is how humans learn. But guilt involves attachment to being a separate entity and adds a layer of unnecessary suffering. The person who feels guilty suffers greatly by the inability to change one’s feelings. The realization that there is no doer dissolves that suffering on the spot.

From then on, from the vantage point of impersonal witnessing, if the ego rears its head, it is perceived as a cloud passing by, and not something that must be gotten rid of.

The more you are conscious of your personality traits and triggers the more effective the doing is because you are no longer taken in by their patterns. And you know exactly what needs to be done. Until, at some point, there is nothing that can be thought of as “doing”. And you become quiet, unconcerned with self, and thus peaceful.

Nonduality, Advaita. The end of suffering.