Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Omniscience

The Natural State is Omnipresence. It is the ever-present ground of Being and of all manifestation of consciousness or creation. As well the absence of any creation; the potential of creation. It is accessible to all at all times.

The Natural State is Omnipotence. No, it does not mean we can decide and manifest a lot of money, sex and happiness. No, it means that Consciousness is the only doer, creator or power. Thus there is no such thing as co-creation either, as if me and god were two separate things. There is only creation. We can safely leave “who” out of the picture. Creation springs from the ever-present ground of our Being that is the Natural State. This may sound grand, but it is actually the life a three-year old has. Look inside carefully and find the three-year old.

The Natural State is Omniscience. All that can be known is always the content of consciousness and always arises from the ever-present ground of our Being or the Natural State.

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