Nonduality, Advaita. The end of suffering.



What is the importance of belief?

Belief, or faith, is a genuine function of the mind. It is an attitude.

Faith is important and useful in the right circumstances. It imbues the mind with positive energy and new positive action becomes possible.

For that to be the case our actions must be congruent with our thoughts and emotions in everyday living. That way the law of cause-and-effect operates in our favor. In favor of liberation from suffering or whatever betterment we hope to see materialize in our lives.

What is not useful is to rely on belief while false personality is running the show. If our actions stem from fear we have a problem that must be addressed before anything “better” can come. If we do not see or understand the root cause of the fear then our belief in a better life and liberation is misguided. Furthermore, we will think the problem is where it is not, that is, out there in the world, in other people, in black magic, aliens, or in a punishing god, or some external “dark force”.

The fact is that the house is dirty and one believes the Master will come and be happy and bestow gifts on one. It does not work that way. Cause-and-effect is a law. Become conscious of the causes and then they can be changed. Belief alone is unable to accomplish that; it is not the right tool. Other tools and attitudes are needed. Will is needed. Pragmatism is needed. Belief is air. Will, right action, is fire.

There are seven chief features of false personality. We must know ours. That is how fear manifests and that is what is responsible for thoughts, emotions, and actions against ourselves. Those thoughts, emotions and actions, in turn, contribute to the opening and closing of doors in life.

The work must be performed. Believing a life free from unnecessary suffering or fear will come in some other way does not help. You can waste your life away in belief that way. 

False personality can be seen and neutralized. Belief in a better life without that work reveals naiveté at best. At worst, people become ever more self-centered, bitter and cruel. Without a conscious methodical look into how fear and ignorance perpetuate suffering faith becomes a false personality trap where the seeker hopes for the best but the best never comes; or if it comes, the fear of losing it harms it or destroys it.

If our feet are on the ground, and our eyes open, faith is a beautiful thing. Life is indeed full of wonderful potential.

Nonduality, Advaita. The end of suffering.