Nonduality, Advaita. The end of suffering.


Final Realization

I've had the Glimpse. But the psychological suffering comes back. I want a final realization.

Fair enough. Psychological suffering is an unnecessary pain in the ass.

But the frame of mind of wanting final realization supports seeking. It in no way invites final realization. It is pointless imagination. The mind imagining “you” realized or enlightened is a trap.

If you repeat “I want final realization” it means you are not paying attention to what was realized in the Glimpse. And now you are telling yourself that you are something other than Consciousness. That is false. It is wrong thinking. Drop it and be quiet and see what’s there, in the absence of or beyond thinking about yourself. You did not “have” a Glimpse. Remember what you Are.

If that fails you must go to plan B, and do more homework.

Look deeper and more closely at the mental and emotional patterns of suffering and understand how they are based on false ideas or beliefs about yourself. They arose in your life due to mental-emotional conditioning and/or trauma. Some adult said or did something to you and you absorbed their garbage and learned to think of yourself, and feel yourself, as something other than Free Consciousness.

The components of the personality that create and support suffering must be known. Being conscious is not the end of the path, but it is crucial; it is a requirement. Look closely and clearly at the psyche. Recognize the false as false. There are seven patterns of suffering. Find yours. Once you see it repeating over and over and you recognize its falseness there is liberation. Neti-neti. I am not this, not that. Do that enough times and those patterns won’t bother you any more even if they are triggered. They become like ripples on the Ocean shore.

Do not project yourself on the perceived, or should I say, imagined, perfection of sages and “enlightened people”, like Buddha or whoever. That is also wrong use of the mind. Inspiration is one thing, but trying to be like them is useless. That is not what they were teaching to begin with.

Seeing the false as false is Realization.

Nonduality, Advaita. The end of suffering.